Dear Black Actress,

I’m hoping you are in the mood for a chuckle today, I STRONGLY suggest you watch this web-series, I am about to introduce you to.

DISCLAIMER!!- I recommend you do not watch this series in a public place or while ingesting anything,  because the kind of insanity and ridiculousness that ensues will have you in shambles.

Think, 22 Jumpstreet meets broad city.

Starring Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata who play aloof, brazen yet adorable best friends who pursue sexiness and easy money. These are hugely enjoyable 6 short episodes, between 1-5 minutes long, that refuse to take seriousness seriously, which let’s face it, is exactly what we need as our Black Actress spirit shifts into high gear!

Please welcome onto your screens Nicky and Sheer!



See you on set Black Actress!!

Lots and lots of love,

Charlie Cakes.

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