A NO BULLSH*T APPROACH – ACTING: A pimp n’ ho game

Dear Black Actress,

Like a lot of structures that run the course of time, systems can become outdated, for example, the things we learn in the field that we don’t necessarily learn in acting class, like how to wear something you can unzip or unbutton so you don’t ruin your hair and make up on set! (I learned this the hard way).

Acting school also doesn’t teach you how to asses your self worth while you make decisions that affect both your social and career life. I’m not criticizing the arts educational system but, just pointing out that real life exposure is key to wisdom.

And wisdom is in fact different from knowledge. What’s that old quote? “Knowledge is learned, but wisdom is lived”.

Since I haven’t lived it all, I’ll introduce you to someone who has lived in the industry for a relatively long time, a man who will not sugar coat what to expect but will keep it real. A man who will straight up say things like “Hollywood is a pimp and ho game

And thus,  I shall, via the internet, impart his wisdom unto you.

Black Actress, I present Director and Actor- Bill Duke.









Hope you enjoyed the update.

I got to make my call time!

Lots of love,

Charlie Cakes

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