Dear Black Actress,

If your week was anything like mine you are probably looking for some great wind-down entertainment or maybe some time to  self-reflect. Seeing as how this webseries that I’m about to introduce you to is very popular you might have already come across it, but if you want both entertainment and self reflection packaged into one look no further than “Black Actress” the web series, featuring  and written by Andrea Lewis.

Black Actress is a mockumentary style series that follows the struggles and pursuits of a young black actress in Hollywood. The series is packed with minor and major “I- so- know-how-you-feel” moments that make you feel like your not alone. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL (but I suppose technically the struggle is real?! meh?… I know I’m not making sense right now, I need some down time.)

Although the narrative is quite engaging and as afore mentioned coloured with real life Black Actress experiences, my FAVOURITE thing about this series is the forewords that come at the beginning of every webisode.

This one is for you Black Actress- Be encouraged!

SPOILER ALERT !!My favorite foreword is by Jenifer Lewis Episode 7 (Just watch until 0.55)

I’ll see you on set!

Lots of love,

Charlie Cakes

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