Dear Black Actress,

Let’s face it, this industry is densely populated and we are going to encounter personalities we like and don’t like so much and we are going to be expected to be professional about it. In this industry you have to learn to become your own emotional support, while you may have friends and family who support you, you will still need to to cultivate a sense of self-reliance in this business.

One of the most poignant lessons I reencountered early last year, while performing an off broadway production is that I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENERGY I BRING, whether it’s on stage, on set, in an office or any mundane or fabulous thing my life choses to manifest- I am responsible.

Think about it this way from the stage to the audition room to the set to the pavement in the street there is no place or time where you are not responsible for your actions right? We each have a sense of control over what our body does and says, I believe it’s the same with our energy since we produce it.

Early last year while I was performing in a play on opening night I was frantic, I wasn’t as calm as I should have been. On stage I was well versed and dignified in my delivery but back stage I was a hot mess, just trying to make it through the play. Amidst all my anxiety I had a moment to observe a cast member, she was calm collected and paying attention  with a sense of preparedness… the complete opposite of me, she was in that moment the ying to my yang.


I watched her calmly powder her nose and then proceed to help another cast member zip up the back  of her dress with a certain sense of haste but presentness that was almost palpable and lacking in me from where I stood. In that brief moment of observation and amidst the anxiety and worry that I was feeling, I got to experience IT. I got to stand in a space between my anxiety and the next scene. I got to experience being present!

It’s funny, I usually experience being in the moment on stage but that night it happened backstage and I felt almost as if watching someone else being present penetrated my state of being and allowed me to be present too. In that moment of observing and being present, time slowed down and I had no thoughts about my cue or the line I could have delivered better, I stepped out of my “should have” and “hopes” … and then it hit me. Me! I’m responsible. I’m responsible for my energy and my state and in turn it affects my world and the people in it.

In that brief instant I  had such a profound sense of understanding about the responsibility I have over the energy I bring to the world, my world – which includes my work. I understood that I contributed to the atmosphere around me and what I was contributing at the time was anxiety. It dawned on me that I could have been the cast member helping zip up the other cast member’s dress. I could have made a better contribution.

As soon as I realized what energy I could have been providing,I went back into my state of anxiety. It was too late for me to talk myself into a positive and present state of being but I learned the lesson that day which was the truth, for it is my belief that the truth is one of the only constants we have in life because the truth sneaks into every crevice of life wether we chose to recognize it or not, and the truth is: I’m responsible for the energy I put out into my world.

My energy is intangible, a director can call me out on messing up my lines and correct me because we can read and hear the words, but it is difficult to call me out on my energy which is invisible and inaudible. I know that I can not show you my energy but I can let you feel it I you are willing.

I also know that I produce energy so as I grow in ways that are intangible my hope is that my awareness  and resposibility of the energy I contribute develops too.

I’ll see you in the wings.

Lots of LOVE,

Charlie Cakes

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Charlie Cakes

#@thecharliecakes #awareness #presentenergy #iamresponsiblefortheenergy #iamresponsiblefortheenergyibringintothisspace #offbroadway #blackactress #charliecackes #charliecakesblackactress #responsibility #awareness #authenticity #supersoulsunday #universalenergy #backstage #goodreads


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